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[NA][PvX] Charr Siu (CSiu) is looking for people to join its dysfunctional family!


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Charr Siu [CSiu][NA] is an 18+ guild looking for people for raids, fractals, and whatever else you want to do!

Want to run some PvE content? We run that! Want to get a quick PvP tournament in? We'll run that too! We're a small group building up to end-game content. You'll be a great fit if you're still looking to get fully geared, and want a chill place to run some more difficult content. We're working to put together teams for T4/Challenge Mode fractals and raids.

Our guild hall has everything!

  • Norn Holodancers

  • More Norn Holodancers

  • The Cloud Staircase ™️

If you want to know more, post here or shoot me a DM in game! (WutangCln.6358).

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