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PVP paralyzed unable to interact half of the match.


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Had a very frustraiting issue today while playing ranked match on SkyHammer. First half went normal, but second half i noticed that i couldnt interact with portal to skyhammer, and went to capture the point, when i noticed none of my skills worked. Eveery skill i press getting a highlight, but nothing comes out untill i make all the skills to highlight. Opponents did not seem to notice my presense at all, but i see everyone move and fight just fine. I started to type in chat, and nothing of what i typed came out in chat. I am only able to move, see other players, but not interact or attack or use skills and completely muted. Opponents Area of effect dots was still affecting me and my health. After about 5 minuts i got a disconnect with error something like could not contact a server. Mind that i could see everyone moving and fighting and capturing. After i relogged in and started at home spawn, i still could not interact and chat with anything. Then second disconnect came after few more minuts, and after relog i could continue the match normally

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