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SVGN NA/EST LF Officers and Members


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?Dominion of the Sovereign Dynasty [sVGN] is a super chill and casual Guild that focuses on just having a good time. We are prime time NA/EST scheduled, within 7pm-10pm So it's our primary goal to make sure those short times are both relaxing and fun. We try and engage in most of what Gw2 has to offer.We are proud of our general growth and development so far. We utilize the Lost Precipice guild hall, with all buffs and nodes available.

I am in the process of restarting back our guild after a few month hiatus. And having most of our core members being burned out and have moved on to other games. Currently I am looking for persons to fill in our ranks to aid in building not just a community but a family.

CURRENTLY RECRUITING OFFICERS/COMMANDERSWe are searching for new officers to fill in our ranks and commanders to lead events. Basic knowledge of the content is a plus and a positive attitude to boost.

?The requirements for Officers/Commanders are:

A positive and chill attitude than can handle the ups and down of leading an event in game’ Basic knowledge of the mechanics and the running of the content Availability within our prime time playing And just to be there and to assist in excelling the guild to great heights.

If you are interested in the positions or have some advice and feel free to pm meAt Rojay.1726 in game or lar#3132 on discord.

Thank You.

A copy of our original post can be found herehttps://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/49840/na-pvx-paradox-of-the-arcane-sovereigns-svgn-open-to-all

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