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Condition Guardian?


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Are you asking about Open World, WvW, SPVP, Raids?

I'm going to make some assumptions and guess you're talking about Firebrand builds (since your avatar is FB) and not Core.You can make a Core condi build, but because of Tome of Justice and Ashes of the Just, the Firebrand variants are quite a bit stronger.

Here is the benchmark Firebrand condi build as a reference.That's what you would be going for if you wanted a Raid build. Max single target DPS.If you are talking about an Open World or WvW build, then that benchmark build probably isn't the greatest.

I'm no expert on condi, but from what I understand there are a couple of traits in Radiance that are VERY important to all Guardian condi builds.

  • Radiant Fire - 20% burn duration and Zealot's Flame resets.
  • Amplified Wrath - 15% burn damageSuperior Rune of Balthazar are also important for the 45% burn duration.As is Bowl of Fire Meat Chili as your food for the 15% burn duration.And then you can either take Legendary Lore or use a Superior Sigil of Smoldering for the last 20% duration.Because of the way Burn damage applies, duration is incredibly important so that you can reach higher stacks.So you really want to try to get to 100% burn duration.

That means two of your three specializations should probably be Radiance and Firebrand.The third is a bit of a toss-up.Both Zeal and Virtues have advantages.Some of the key traits in each are:

  • Zeal - Fiery Wrath, Kindled Zeal, Symbolic Power, Symbolic Avenger
  • Virtues - Unscathed Contender or Master of Consecrations depending on if you think you'll have good Aegis uptime or not, Power of the Virtuous, Permeating Wrath

For weapons, Axe, Sword, and Scepter are all ok. Torch offhand is obviously the best because Radiant Fire gives you a good number of burn stacks.For active skills, Purging Flames is great with Master of Consecrations, Judges Intervention and Mantra of Flame are ok, Signet of Wrath is good, you can use Mantra of Potence to activate Quickfire. There are a few options.

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