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Returning Player LF Guild [NA]


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Hey all, I'm a returning player looking to join a guild, I'm pretty picky about the type of guild I join but here's some stuff you should know about meAbout me:

  • Im on NA servers
  • Been playing off and on since launch
  • Multi Class player, Warrior, Ranger, Necromancer
  • Used to help and run my own guild, not really looking for responsibilities unless I really like the guild.
  • I used to do Raids and CMS but I'm not looking for anything hardcore.
  • Looking for something casual or semi-casual(guild wise).
  • Im willing to help teach players how to do Fractals if I like the guild
  • Really looking for a social guild that is ACTIVE on discord
  • Not really looking for drama, if there's any sense of drama, I'll leave immediately
  • I don't really like to filter myself, so I don't want to be in a guild full of sensitive snowflakes.
  • Im on Ehmry Bay if that matters.
  • I prefer a guild on the smaller side, I don't like guilds with too many numbers and only 10-20 on at a time.
  • At the end of the day, just looking for friends and people to chill and have fun with, I dont mind helping/teaching new players.

feel free to message me or reply to this post if you think your guild fits the bill.DeusVolt.4307

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@"Resurrected.4132" said:DeusVolt,

It's great to welcome you to Ye Olde Curmudgeons (https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/112778/na-eu-players-guild-ye-olde-curmudgeons-olde-wants-you-living-on-fergusons-crossing). I hope you are going to enjoy your time with us :)

Thanks for giving me a chance to try out the guild, I wish you luck in your endeavors :)

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:# HELLO Volt!We are a group of laid back veterans and new players, mostly WvW but we have PvE people too. The Guild is max lvl. We have 160 members with around 30 ish active and a Discord server. We are in Kaineng. Feel free to send me a mail message in game ( I don't go on the forums much ) El Crum.2387 I'l send you a message in the game too < 3

Here's a video of us, lol

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