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The Icebrood Saga Complete Pack 57% off


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I'm new to the Gem store so I just want some clarification, The Icebrood Saga Complete Pack is now 57% off and I have 4 episodes to unlock since every episode is at 200gems so I needed 800gems so the discount should be 456gems off, so the total amount cost should be at 344 gems for the whole pack on discount but the game is asking for 512 gems. am I missing something?


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The Episode Bundle is 20% off.

Unlock every episode of The Icebrood Saga and experience the entire story, including “Prologue: Bound by Blood” and “The Icebrood Saga: Champions.” The Icebrood Saga Complete Pack is 20% off this week!https://www.guildwars2.com/en/news/the-roadrunner-raptor-is-born-to-run/

You need 4 Episodes (regular price 200 Gems each), so 20% off is 600 Gems. You are getting an even greater discount.

The 57% discount is the difference between 1200 Gems and what you are paying for the discounted 4 Episodes.

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