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Error Code: 3023:1012:6:377 / Account was maybe Hack

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Here a nice story. (Not nice at all)

14 November 2020, I discover I cannot log in (“The code you entered is invalid. Please check your information and try again.” Error Code: 3023:1012:6:377). Something happen with my account. So, I contact GW2 support and fill up all the form to prove « I’m the true owner of this account ».

They told me my account has been comprised. From that moment I thought « in the past few days somebody may hack my GW2 account or my computer ». Key word « past few days ». Can be worst, at least, it isn’t my computer.

So, as they told me to do, I check everything (I’m using a Mac) in order to have my account restored.What the F… ? My account is restored to December 2019. Here what GW2 say about account restoration : « We look for a restoration date that is as close as possible to the date when the account was compromised. Depending on how often you were playing before the incident, the time of the snapshot may vary. ».

This means : for around 1 year, my account was hack. Did I misread something ?1 year playing GW2 more or less 4 hours per day, nothing weird happen what so ever. My computer, ditto. All my account (mail, bank, etc) ditto. Nothing at all ; everything as usual. We are not talking about a few days or a month but more or less 1 year.

I’m playing the game with VPN / Ping Booster (European account playing on NA server from China). Without, I get 1000 ping and get often disconnected.

Every month I do a checking and cleaning of my computer.

If my account was truly comprise for a period of 1 year, what that third party did to my GW2 account or to my computer during all this time ? Watching me play ? Right now, it is a bit like GW2 support tell me 2+2=6. That doesn’t make sense.

Can somebody tell me what I miss ?

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A restoration point a year away does not mean your account was 'hacked' a year ago. The two don't really have much to do with each other.It just means that's the last 'snapshot' that Team Member found on the account.

Try updating your ticket, and asking if the CS Team can find a restoration point closer to today.Also, make sure to secure your computer and email associated with your GW2 account.

Good luck.

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Thank for your input. GW2 rollback until they reach a point there are no unauthorized access to my account. From that date, they pick up the closest snapshot they can find.

Let say the unauthorized access to my account was on 10th of November. So pretty much everything before this date is safe. By playing everyday, GW2 support cannot find any other snapshot closer to that day than December 2019 ? I don’t know, something like July 2020 or September 2020 ?

For the date of the rollback, GW2 say : « Depending on how often you were playing before the incident. » How often GW2 take snapshot ?

In my opinion, GW2 suppose an unauthorized access to my account that was a legitimate access from I (the main issue). Considering this fact, in which date will be my rollback ? So, I’m very curious to know the date of this unauthorized access to my account.

What happen if there are an unauthorized access to my account on 10th of November, an legitimate access on 20th of July and another unauthorized access on 5th of March. According to which date, GW2 will do the rollback ?

Does somebody already experience some rollbacks ? And by playing everyday, how close or far was it ?

Thank you very much for your input.

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Thank you for your information.

Did update my ticket and so far, nothing. They keep considering legitimate access to my account as unauthorized access. As long this stay this way, we will not go very far.

Second, during this period as unauthorized access, I bought gems. They have the money, I don’t have the gems anymore. If i cannot have a better rollback date, for sure, I want my money back. But how can I get my money back for a purchase I did that GW2 consider it wasn’t me ? If GW2, accept I did those purchase, that mean, it was truly I that was connected hence, the rollback cannot go that far in the past anymore.

Did I miss something ? Right now, I see a big mess. :)

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