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[NA] LF Guild/Teammates [Fractal-CM][Raid Trainings]


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Hi all,I'm looking for a small to medium-sized guild on NA (or really anyone else that interested in forming a team) that does fractal CMs or offers raid tranings.I'm a semi-hardcore raider and raid leader from other MMOs and now want to shift some focus onto GW2 end-game contents.

My current interests are:

  1. fractal 98-100 cm & titles (recently just finished 98cm and 99cm up to 2nd boss).
  2. raid trainings to get into (possibly static) raiding in future.

I do T4 fractals as well everyday just for fun/gold. I have 5 sets of full ascended gear and can play cFB, DH, HB(minstrel tho), power chrono, both power and condi weaver. You can expect me as someone that does his homework ahead, willing to learn and plays well over time.

Although I consider myself almost a hardcore player, Im really looking for people with a mature and friendly gaming mentality rather than eliteism. I will be more happy with discussing, finding solutions to problems with others rather than questioning, blaming or doing anything non-constructive.

If you or your guild have interests on progressing through, or can offer those contents i mentioned above and agree with my statement of playstyle, you can send me mail or add me on Flyn.9874 for further discussion if you want.

I'm happy to join guilds or team up with somebody that shares similar interests and progress through.

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