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MumleLink Bit "IsAlive" for immersive addon development


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Reference: https://discord.com/channels/384735285197537290/694129718689005619/770584808287633408 (GW2 Development Community)

We had a bit of a discussion on the discord. For context here's the stance from Jonagar

[...] for a Bit for IsDead, i mean then you'd also want an IsDowned, IsLowHealth, and more stuff, idk, thats too much of a slippery slope

It is a valid point but with a bitter twist. It implies the assumption that we would want more detailed solutions in mumble link if we get even a glimbse of this. "If we have X, why don't we have Y from the same category as well?" It feels like it doesn't consider that we third party developers do not love the game. I can tell you that the majority does not want it to be ruined. We know that any more detail than for example a Bit for IsAlive could make it easy and therefore give incentive for a bad script kiddy to create a malicious program. I know the boundaries of requests.

It's difficult for me to phrase it better so please let me try to clarify further as I am not native.What I am trying to say is that the benefits of having just a Bit for IsAlive far outweighs the risk the argument implies would be created.

I already have several use cases.For example:

  • Make Overlay disappear. There are many overlays out there. TacO is one of them. In BlishHUD we create immersive User-Interface elements that look and feel like GW2 elements. As seen in the following gif I am unable to make permanent custom UI elements disappear with the game's UI elements when dying which breaks the immersion. (BlishHUD and TacO - the most popular overlays that exist - add immersive icons to the top left array of menu icons)https://gfycat.com/UnfortunateTightIlladopsis
  • Contextual music on dead status. I am currently working on a bugfree and improved version of the contextual music with the ability to load the audio tracks from youtube links. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/814045340
  • Marker pack creators for the highly popular Markers and Paths feature from TacO or BlishHUD could make use of the Bit to toggle, hide or reset depending on the Bit. Especially good for marker packs related to events and bosses.
  • roleplay for 3D voice audio. Ability to mute when dead.

These are just some off the top of my head.I hope we can get this bit.

Thanks for coming to my TED talk,Nekres

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