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Hi, I’m a laid back American player and I’m mostly on in the early mornings and afternoon my time, making it hard to get into raiding and fractals with guilds in my time zone. I’m in T3 fractals currently and new to raids. I want to get more involved in both and I’d love to be apart of a friendly community interested in the same types of content as me. Is there any criteria for joining? My account info is MattTheWarrior.1236

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:# HELLO Matt!We are a group of laid back veterans and new players, mostly WvW but we have PvE people too. The Guild is max lvl. We have 160 members with around 30 ish active and a Discord server. We are in Kaineng. Feel free to send me a mail message in game ( I don't go on the forums much ) El Crum.2387 I'l send you a message in the game too < 3

Here's a video of us, lol

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