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EU - [qT] Quantify is recruiting!


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Quantify is a long-standing hardcore PvE guild formed back in November 2014. We originally made a name for ourselves by claiming numerous dungeon records, winning the 5man dungeon tournament of 2014 and coming 2nd place in the trio dungeon tournament. When HoT was released we changed our focus to raids, where we quickly became well known in the raiding community for our low man & 10 man records and for our reputable guides & benchmarks. We went on to win the first raiding tournament, came 3rd place during the second and formed half of the 2nd place Snowify team in the third tournament. Our latest achievement was third place in the first Hardstuck Raiding Party.


We aim to compete in all types of instanced PvE-endgame content. However our primary focus is currently on raid wing speed runs and low mans. 


Coming off the back of the last raiding tournament, there is a desire for more skilled and motivated members to continue building upon our new strong foundation. We are looking for players who are able to take & offer constructive criticism, who continuously strive to improve, and who have patience when things go wrong.
We expect a high level of general class and game knowledge, with the flexibility to adapt to different situations and learn new roles when necessary.
Applicants should have a good grasp of conversational English, a working mic, and should show the willingness to use both.


Guild raids will typically begin at 8PM (CEST/GMT+2) lasting for 2-3 hours.


If you think you’re a good fit for the guild then please apply using our website: quantify.gg


For any questions related to recruitment, please message one of our officers on discord or ingame:
Subi#1061 (Subi.8014)
Fennec#5509  (Fennec.2961)
Kenzo#6092 (Kenzo.6584)


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