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[EU] Bastions Of Hope [BoH] is looking for friendly, social and supportive folks!


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We are a diverse guild with a focus on fun, inclusion of all players, and kindness.

☼ LGBTQIA+ friendly☼ Upgraded Guild Hall – Windswept Haven☼ Daily Fractals☼ Strike Missions☼ Dragon Response Missions and any upcoming group content☼ Weekly Training Raids – with minimum requirements!☼ Active and organized Discord with LFG Roles (no pressure to speak, lurking is also fine)☼ No representation requirement☼ Other fun activities – also outside of GW2

We strive for an active guild, hence quality members over the quantity, which is why Discord is a requirement to communicate and where you will be able to get to know each one of us. And again, speaking in voice chat is not pressured upon you.

Please DM one of the following Team Members on Discord when you're interested or with any additional questions you might have!– Deluriya#5245– BinoCunha#8072

Or pass a message down below c:

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