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[NA][PvX][Casual][EST][Sorrow's Furnace] LFGuild Brand New To GW2


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Hi I'm brand new to GW2 (been playing about 3 weeks now) but not to MMO's in general. I've played a bunch mostly WoW. Got the itch to play an MMO again and decided to try GW2. Currently I am leveling a Warrior(Lvl53) but I am planning on trying more classes later. Right now I am just exploring the GW2 world and seeing where it takes me but in the future I'd want to try out all the group content GW2 has to offer and see what's fun.

I'm looking for a friendly guild to help me learn the in and outs of GW2. I'm in my late 20's so is 18+ is preferable but not a deal breaker. A website and Discord are definitely plus's. I'm in the Eastern time zone and located in Canada. I'll probably play most weeknights at least for a bit and weekends whenever.

I won't be the biggest talker at first but I make sure to listen.

My Character is on Sorrow's Furnace but from my research that mostly matters for WvW.

If you think your Guild is right for me please send me a message here or comment and we can get in contact !

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