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Got slightly excited once the re-link meant wvw was a safeplace again. I have 250 regular trebuchets and omega golems at all times. I'm the crafting commander.DB. EST 2012I can do VG. Never killed him but we got really close many times. I accidentally became the tank by having too much toughness.I love all my game modes equally. I like long walks on the beach. A true millennial, I like to save money by not buying anything on the gem store with real money. I was there when the last map with the OLD silverwaste farm was finally forced closed by the big patch. Walk tall brothers.Please use the in-game mail function and not whispers that I may miss. I like having it go away in combat because it's more immersive. I've told you why you may (or not) want to have me in your guild, so tell me why you think I should join your guild. Thanks for listening.

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