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Sand savant changes


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Sand savant makes the entire spec change very strongly into an area control spec. I like the recharge reduction and the 3x uptime on scourge minor traits, but the range increase is the major reason for taking the trait in pvp and wvw. It's so strong that the other two gm traits don't get used in serious pvp at all. Would it make sense to make the shades 240 radius baseline and replace that part of the trait with something like manifest shade abilities now occur at the casters location as well?

Currently the master tier traits for scourge occur only at the sand shades location while the other manifest sand shade effects occur at both the newly placed sand shades location as well as the scourges. Ie. Desert empowerment only creates a barrier at the sand shades location while with the new sand savant would apply a barrier at both the shades location and the scourges.

Pros: better coverage without sand savant, better suited to the new 10s duration. With sand savant better group support and utility for pve, less area coverage for pvp whike retaining uptime. Allows the other gm traits to have value in comparison. Without sand savant you don't have 100% up time on shades, making decapping easier especially with the damage nerfs scourge just received.

Cons: more potential coverage without sand shade, burst damage comes back slightly with the 2nd scourge gm trait.

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