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LF [NA] [PvE/x] Guild to Call Home


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I come seeking a guild to call home. I'm a returning player who is looking to get back into the game with a good group of people. I've played the game on and off since closed beta, but I took a long break when HoT was announced so I've never experienced any of the expacs.

A little about me:Server: Erodon TerraceTime Zone: ESTTo me, a guild is a family. I want a guild that cares about it's people and fostering friendships. I'm primarily a PvE person but I'm open to trying other content with the right people.

Requirements:Active Discord! And I meant active. Like there's always at least one person online. I hate joining these large guilds where no one uses the voice of Discord. I feel it easier to communicate and get to know someone via voice chat.18+ I have a filthy mouth.Small to Medium-sized guild. I'm not looking to get lost in a sea of faces.Guild events! I like seeing a guild that actively does things together. Dungeons, fractals, whatever else is in the game nowadays.If you think your guild fits the description or if you want to ask me questions, message me in-game: RainbowMcFuzzy.7960This is my second attempt to find a guild. I've joined many lovely guilds thus far that were nice, but were lacking in what I require.

As a side note, I am looking for a guild that uses Discord specifically. Please do not reply if your guild uses a different voip.

Thanks for taking the time to read.

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