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Story chapter War Eternal: Descent freezeout bug

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Multiple bugs encountered in the Descent chapter. In the early part of the chapter, I've had some issues with NPCs not moving, mobs and other interactive parts of the environment not spawning, as well at cutscene freezes and graphic issues. I've found that restarting the instance or restarting the game solves some of these.Looking for input on the one I can't fix:Right after hitting the heart on the Destroy the Heart step, shown here

at 27:27, there is a screen whiteout that goes to a cutscene. I'm encountering a bug where every time I hit the heart and the whiteout and cutscene start, the entire game freezes just as the screen white starts. In most other cases where the game freezes, I can still Alt F4 to close it if I have to, or use something like the task manager or cmd to force it to close out, and I can still swap windows or view the desktop. That's not the case with this bug. The mouse cursor is still mobile, but the game seems to take over the whole desktop. Swapping windows or trying to force the game to close by typical means doesn't work. Task manager can be opened, but the window itself can't be accessed. The only way I've found to exit the frozen game at this point is to force restart the computer, or force relog the computer account, both of which force the game to close.Before the cutscene starts and the game freezes, the game connection appears to be stable (chat, mail, and trading post etc still work), at least until the game freezes.

(Working on viewing the character connection status from another account when the freeze happens. Not yet sure if the game is simply frozen at that point, or disconnected entirely.)

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