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[EU][PvE] [CSTN] a small community of casual pve players lf new, friendly faces!


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Causation, organized & determined PvE

Causation is a month old guild aiming to provide a laid-back, friendly and mature environment in which to complete all of the PvE content this game has to offer.The guild is level 6 with some basic guild hall (Lost Precipice) infrastructure set up.


The main focus of the guild will be PvE content and it's successful completion. If there's interest there may be some sPvP, but organized WvW will not.We're currently doing guild missions on Tuesday Evening and have a raid group running with a second on the horizon.Fractals, Dungeons and whatever else people feel like doing are happening on an irregular basis whenever someone asks for it in guild chat.


To provide an environment in which everyone can enjoy the game, without feeling bad for that one inevitable mistake during that one dungeon/fractal/raid/worldboss run. One in which, even with lower playtime per week, PvE content can be completely experienced and entirely completed.

We'd dive into PoF together and finish any (difficult) content that may come with that.

the idea behind organized & determined Casual

There doesn't need to be only black and white. You don't need to raid 4+ times a week to progress through content and you don't need to bring multiple completely decked out characters to even be considered. Experience and gear comes with time spent in the game, mentality is the only requirement.There will never be mandatory attendance (for example for raids) for more than 2 evenings/week. 2 evenings are enough to complete content, albeit at maybe a slower pace. The goal is to keep the weekend mostly free of these "obligations", but we'll cross that bridge when we get to it.

Who are we looking for?

As a potential member, you're not required to bring a dozen fully equipped characters and extensive knowledge of everything in the game. Only a willingness to learn, a laid back, mature attitude and plenty of patience.

This should become your "main guild". You're not required to represent 100% of the time, WvW guilds, sPvP teams, small circles of friends, guild banks and other "side activities" are certainly fine. But with representation comes activity and an unknown face may aswell be an inactive member.

You should be 18+, preferrably 21+ and be comfortable speaking and writing english aswell as using Voice Comms (Discord) and you're able to take a joke every now and then.

Right now We're looking for a few more pro-active players who're happy to use discord and socialize with the guild.

If this sounds interesting to you, contact PsaQi.7604, envision.7365 or juno.5912 in game. You can also check out the guild at guilded and/or join our Discord

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