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Unranked Arena Experience

I just recently discovered guild wars 2 pvp and I really like doing it expecially the battlegrounds (small scale pvp). Dont mind if I call small scale pvp arenas "battlegrounds" I just use a name of what I'm familiar with.

I discovered how to enter a pvp match when exploring in lions arch wondering where this portal goes to, the one near the fractal portal underneath a lion statue. So it was a accidental discovery. This is where all the pvp stuff is in (well in my guild wars 2 book the name of the place is Halls of Memory which is the pvp lobby) I dont know why the loading screen has a different name for it.

My favorite battleground is the Legacy of Foefire because it was the first pvp match i did and it has some cool scenery. It also reminds me of a world of warcraft battleground Arathi Basin back in the day because they both have a similar objective of capturing points and gaining resources and it has a similar map.

I'm also wondering if there is a capture the flag one too. If not I would like to make a suggestion for a new small scarlet pvp map.

So far I am enjoying pvp here, i love the maps and mechanics so much more than the ones I played on in my previous game. The matchmaking is awesome too. I play what is the most familiar to me. There is also tons of other battle ground I would like to try out like The Battle of Kyhlo and the Something dominion. The names are hard for me to spell.

I also love the completely random team names while in the battleground. My favorite team name is Deathpurr and The School Masters.

That's just cool bro.

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