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LFG Social/End game on Sanctum of Rall


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I am an old player looking to come back, I can't remember much about the game so starting over to get things refreshed. I have 4 lvl 80's I completed a long time ago but never got to do dungeons or raids yet.

I am MST for a time zone, prefer to keep the guild NA. 18+ would be a better suited guild as well.

Drop a line if you got a guild I could re-join the game with.

Thanks all :)

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Hi! If you are still looking for a guild I can offer you [HoF] we are a group of casual players. We have gotten plenty of returning players who have gotten back into the game with us. We offer raid training and casual events throughout the week like beginner fractals and achievement hunts. Shoot me a message (Lord Ebilness.9423) in game for an invite. =D

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