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Excelsior adventurers!


  Just started the game & find yourself enjoying it a lot? Have limited time? Returned after a long break & find yourself lost? Too afraid to try things out by yourself? Well look no further & proceed below!
Leafside Cabin[LSC] is a growing Casual/Laid Back Guild that does contents like Trainings, Guild Missions, PvEvP contents weekly with an established Discord Community , while also extending our hands to those in need. We HIGHLY recommend everyone to check out our Discord Server in case you're curious about our guild! (* w * )

Before you ask: NO, you don't have to join our guild in order to join our discord community! It's a public server after all!

What we are:

  • Mostly Laid-back Guildwars 2 enthusiasts that are interested in having fun together that don't mind extending our hands to those in need. 😃
  • Helpful people that don't mind spending their time guiding players in Guildwars2.
  • International, which means you get people from all around the world. [NA/EU/SEA/OCE/etc.]
    Mostly working people, more active w/ activities during the weekends. [Raids, Guild Mission, etc]

What we do:

  • A little bit of everything that covers most of the PvE/vP area that includes 😆 Strikes/Fractals/METAs/Trainings & occasional dungeon/bounty runs upon request, HP & MP Train, etc.
  • Weekly Guild Mission @ Friday, 11pm (EST) [Saturday, 11am (GMT+8)] 3 hours after reset! Approx. 1-2 hours run-time. (Doing it for the commendations, no matter the guild level.)
    Raid Training/Sessions @ Saturday, 9-10pm [Sunday, 10am (GMT+8)] 2 hours after reset! Approx. 1-3 hours run-time. (Friendly & easy-to-approach Raid Commanders)
  • Helping/mentoring people that wishes to learn more about the game. (Build/Gear advise, fractal/strike/dungeon mechanics, etc)


What we have:

  • Helpful & fresh environment for new players/veterans alike to catch-up to stuffs.
  • A slightly new guild hall that's at Lv.22, still slowly working on upgrades & stuff.
  • No rep rule in [LSC] but in case you'd want to rep for us, we truly appreciate that from the bottom of our hearts. ❤️ o7
  • A slightly-active Discord with proper rules/moderators/bots/set-up to make things neat & working as intended. :3
  • Jumping Puzzles in our Guild Hall & Race Track (WIP).


What we are looking for:

  • Active new/Casual/Veteran/Returning Guildwars2 enthusiasts.
  • Sub-Leaders/Officers/Guidemaker/Mentors/etc to support our guild/community by taking responsibilities in certain stuff.
  • In the future, we wish to expand our community further to have our very own Emojis/Wallpapers/Mascots, even better, as a bridge between people regardless of which guild they're from. <(*w* )>


What we don't want:

  • Elitists.
  • Beggars (Not literally).
  • People over-stepping their boundaries.


If you're interested please don't hesitate to contact us in our discord server or DM "DaBoy#9668" on Discord or Mail/Whisper DaBoy.4923 in-game in case I'm online. You may reply below too if you prefer! ^w^ [I get online every weekend to manage the guild]
In case I'm offline, you can also contact "Zero Achievements.7613" in-game/ DM " Zero Achievements#5102" on discord.


Come & be a part of our adventure today by joining either of these discord links below! Check us out for more information!

https://discord.io/leafsidecabin  or  https://discord.gg/Ngg7XNpSEP

Either way, thank you for spending your time to read this post & I wish for you & your close ones to be safe amidst the pandemic. ❤️


Edited by DaBoy.4923
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Hi! My husband and I are from Sg and relevantly new in GW2 (just joined 3 weeks back). We would like to know if we’re able to join LFC and also during WvW, if we’re in Aurora Glade server, will we still be able to partake in WvW fights? Haha thanks!

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