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LF NA casual raiding guild


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Name: DedricusRegion: North AmericaHome-World: Sea of Sorrows

I've got a handful of characters (war, guard, necro, mesmer, and rev) but prefer my guard. Raided for many years on wow so I kind of understand the environment, but also get that GW2 is different in many regards. Just want a fun group of people to get my feet wet and start to see the content.

Feel free to whisper me at any time in game!-Dedricus

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i don't think gw2 is any difference except for the tank spot. since chrono is the offensive support and best in slot. it naturally becomes their playground instead of having a tank, aka a heavy armor class to come in. they'd then lose lots of dps trying to tank and position boss while worrying about dps at the same time.when chrono dps is the least of all, but they have access to offensive boons like alacrity, and quickness, which overall increase everyone dps a ton.not to mention their signet can share within allies. so you'll have whatever boons they have too.in a non-meta composition, healers can tank too, if they run on Minstrel stats. but most won't run it since they have Magi stats. it's costly to prepare another set just for raids. and most raids comps won't run healers as their tanks xD

we happen to be on SoS as well. i'm hoping we have enough and that we could try to do some roaming as a group of guildies. that'll be fun.

for raids, we aim to make it a regular weekly thing. at least give people some idea, get their feet wet, like you said. or some motivation to work towards some gear sets and what not.we also run fractal trainings when we have enough guildies to form a group, i'd escort you all. whether it's t1 or t4.

for more information, feel free to check us out at: https://www.reddit.com/r/guildrecruitment/comments/716lb0/napvxchillax_guild_intense_pleasure_mmm_lfm/

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