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Hey all!

Me and my bud have decided to actually try our hand at running a guild in GW2. We've been in plenty of them and combined we have about 12-14 years of experience. At the moment the guild consists of Me, Him 2 of our friends and my SO.

I feel its important to know to stress that while I'm not heavy into pvp I will do it if something I want calls for it. And no I don't hate it...its just frustrating sometimes. :D

At the moment we are focusing on getting materials for the guild hall (at the time of writing isn't up yet) and getting our people geared. I.E Ascended weapons and armor etc. Which means running them through fractals and most definitely doing raids in the very near future.

The reason for the guild is simple, fun. We've been doing pugs runs of fractals and finding a lot of new players that want to raid or do fractals reliably but are getting....lets say the short-end of the stick so to speak. We also hate the "Charge for raid runs" mentality.

New and old players welcome! Although we do ask that you watch your temperament. We know that people can have certain opinions on things and sometimes feel like they know best. We ask that you relay that in a civil and proper manner. We're here to have fun, and being helpful isn't a crime. But lets not berate each other over it yeah?

Anyways if this sounds up your alley I'd love to hear from you! Again we are only 5 strong but I know we can grow bigger in numbers and damage ;)

Edit: OH! We are mainly on jade quarry so...yeah I don't care from where you hail, but WvW wont work unless you're in the same server

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