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NA player looking for a guild. (Sanctum of the Rail)


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Hey there. Played the game from Launch and then kind of wandered off. Trying to make an honest attempt to dive back in a struggling mightily. Apparently I am not a very good player as the expansion story quests are just mauling me. Okay enough whining, basically I want to get into all aspects of the game again and need help. In return I want to help others avoid the struggles I am having. If I sound like a fit please by all means get in touch :D

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Hey there, I recently created a new guild. If you are interested in joining a fresh guild and grow with us, below is recruitment post.

Hey there,

I am returning back to game and decided to start a new guild. Previously, I successfully led a 200+ players guild, but I had to leave the game so I left the guild as well. So, I bring tons of experience back to the game.

Why join a new/small guild? It is because you as a person will matter in that guild. You won’t just be one of the numbers in massive pool. Your ideas and suggestions will count, and you get to be one of the starting people of the guild.

What does/will the guild offer?

  • LGBTQ+ friendly
  • No discrimination of any kind
  • Eventually many events throughout the week such as fractals, World Boss trains, map completion, map metas and other PVE events.
  • Guild Hall (Windswept Haven)

New players are welcomed as you will get to learn functions of guild and also game.

While the focus is a lot on PVE, we will also be doing WvW eventually too, and players who enjoy that are welcomed. To join, please send me an in-game mail at MechaOG.2076

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