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I'm looking for a guild to start well


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Good morning all,

I started the game between Christmas and the Days of the Years, I have a maximum personal level thanks to the booster offered with the purchase of extensions, but I am looking for a guild that could teach me to play better, as much in PvE, in PvP or in WvW.

I play a thief / assassin, I like to be discreet, but also to tank, to provide support, limit to heal people from my guild who are injured.

My English is a bit poor on vocals, it's not my first native language, I hope you could help me improve it.

I have limited Discord / TS3 to talk to, but I'm a little awkward with vocals.

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Hi! Im here representing [HoF] Hunters of Fortune. We can offer you a small community to grow in. We host casual activities like beginner fractals and achievement hunting as well as end game stuff like raid training. We love taking in newbies and helping them grow so maybe give us a shot if you are still looking. Reach out to Lord Ebilness.9423 ingame if interested!

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