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[EU] [RoF] LFG - Newcomer looking for a friendly guild! (PVE, Casual, Ring of Fire)


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I'm a new player in GW2 (almost level 40 character) and I'd like to find a friendly and cozy guild, to find people to do activities with (mainly to run the dungeons right now, and to dive into Fractals when I reach level 80). I started playing with a bunch of friends and we got our guild, but they haven't been as hooked by the game as I am, so I'm mainly playing by myself; which is the way I enjoy exploring GW2's world the most, but I'd like to run dungeons while I level up and it's being a pain to find groups, and once I can access Fractals I want to find a friendly group to run them too.

I'd like to tackle harder content like raids in the future, but right now my approach is casual and I'd like to find a group (rather a small one than a big guild with fifty people) with other casual people and more newcomers so we can help each other with all kinds of content (except PVP, I'll try it someday but I'm not a PVP person XD).

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