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hair glitch/ skill sync issue?

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I recently build a new pc and installed Gw2 64 bit with no issues. After playing for a few minutes there were 2 things i noticed right away and wonder if anyone has seen or heard about this. The first one is about skill sync or what seems to be a collision issue. I have good internet, and i dont see high ping during the use of these skills. I'm playing warrior using GS skill 3 (whirlwind attack) it seems like the animation stutters as its traveling forwards. It doesnt happen all the time but maybe 3 out of 10 tries it will stutter. This happens also with other rush like attacks. Also no im not in a map where theres a big battle goin on, ive tried this in different maps in pve as well and same thing happens. Now the 2nd issue is the most strange to me but one i noticed right away. When i select on a player the icon that comes up on top middle the hair is not properly on the toon. It seems to be offset and it will be fixed if i click on something else then back to the character. It happens with select few hair styles and im wondering if anyone has noticed this or heard of other having this issue. (See link for picture)unknown.png

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