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PvP- Revenge of the Capricorn - push out of the map border BUG

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I have just played a Capricorn game and a strange situation has occured, I got pushed out of the map.The situation took place on Bell capture point, about 10th minute into the game.I was playing my tempest-ele, and was fighting about 2v2 (I might be wrong, there could have been more ppl) on bell point.During the fight I got pushed, most likely by enemy ranger longbow 4 skill (I'm sure enemy ranger was present in this skirmish) and as a result i got knocked back behind the railings on the point. That said I was behind the railing and still on the map yet i couldnt pass the railing to go back. I tried to go back in a few places but railings invisible wall did not let me. What i could do, was to fall into the water ( that im pretty much sure i couldn't normally do) so I did- i do have a screenshot of me swimming around the map during mach.I do not have any screenshot of me beeing behind the railings and trying to get back into the map- that was high stress situation, i was fighting to win a mach.

Thank to the situation, i couldnt hepl teammates, that led to loss of bell point and as a result the game.https://imgur.com/bgBxj4u

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