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[NUTS] The Nuts Gaming Community <3 [EU]


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[NUTS] are a guild within the Guildwars 2 community we are a multi server multi language guild (but speak English on voice coms for raids events etc)We provide organised events daily for anyone who is online that wants to take partMapping/Meta Mondays (we complete maps, Hp trains, Ap's, stories etc)Training Tuesdays (raid training program &static teams)Dungeon/fractals Wednesdays (new teams to -t4 cm teams multiple ran on wendesdays)Tournament Thursdays (PvP)WvW Friday(Whitesideridge server for reset)Strike Saturday (strike missions)Guild mission SundayWe are a social guild who enjoy a good laugh whilst running together with regular members. We realise Guild Wars 2 is a game so try to keep it fun! We try to take on the characteristics of being Honest, Trustworthy, Fun-Loving, Inspiring and LOYAL We have history and experience as a guild from the beginning of the game and will understand the politics of guilds. We have our Guild Hall which is now fully upgraded (at present). We have a guild council where suggestions and concerns are heard and decided upon as a group. Promotions are decided upon as a group and reviewed at guild council frequently. Our Guild contains multiple Commanders in each field of play (PvE/PvP/WvW).

We host a regular guild lottery where people will put in a set gold for that month to win all the gold, a precursor or legendary weapon or even gems / expansions (if you dont own HoT or PoF)Our next venture is RAIDING! we want to get a decent team or 3 for like minded people weather your a 'pro' or complete newbie to raiding its something we want to be able to host anyday of the week if people are up for it message us ingameFatal.8693RenzaiBIGMIKE.7819KarZakuX.3746Alinex9573

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