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[EU][PvX] | Library of Reclaimed Esoterica [LORE]


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About Us

The Library of Reclaimed Esoterica is a casual PvX guild open to new and experienced players. Created by a handful of friends back in November 2020 because we wanted to start doing fractal runs on the regular, but never really had a big enough group for it.

We also wanted to create a space outside of the game where people could socialise, take part in competitions, seek or share advice, and share things like artwork or writing. We're still a small guild at the moment but we're looking to grow.

Guild Hall

We chose Windswept Haven for our guild hall. Currently, we've only upgraded it to level 4 because we wanted to rush through doing upgrades so that other members could experience the sense of accomplish that comes with each of the building upgrades.

Current Activities

  • Weekly fractals every Friday at 5pm GMT
  • Weekly guild missions

Plans for the Future

  • World/meta events
  • Collection runs (achievements, hero points, you name them we'll organise them)
  • Friendly competitions (with prizes for the winners)
  • PvP and WvW events
  • Possibly strike missions and raids if we get enough interest

What You Need to Know

  • Guild representation is not required. You get 5 slots, so why not utilise all of them?
  • You don't have to use discord, but that's where we'll make a lot of our announcements so we recommend that you join even if you're not going to be chatting on voice or in the text channels
  • Peak time is in the evenings and at the weekends. Timings for events etc. will be in GMT/BST
  • There's no level/gear/gameplay/experience/region/server requirement for you to join the guild or take part in activities. All we ask is that you have fun!

How to Join Us

Drop one of the following contacts a message, either in-game or via discord, and we'll send you an invite as soon as possible.

In-game Contacts:SirTap.8396BethQuibell.6742Madness.1809

Discord Contacts:Tap#2312smolbean#7413Madnesss#1591

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