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[NA] [PvX] Aeons of Vengeance is now recruiting to shape our community towards the future


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Aeons of Vengeance [AoV] is now recruiting. We are a casual and laid back PvX guild that is in the process of restructuring after a long hiatus. Our first priority is having fun and enjoying what Guild Wars 2 has to offer together. We are looking for like-minded people who are interested in joining to help us shape this guild and community towards the future.


  • We would like for members to be of age 18+, as our guild chat can get a bit uncensored sometimes. We will make exceptions for younger members but please be advised that chat and Discord can get a bit rowdy. We do have dedicated rooms for this in our Discord server as well.
  • We know not everyone is super talkative, but we want members to interact... sometimes that just means saying hi when you log in or checking to see if there's a party to join.
  • Be active and play with us! We don't demand your constant attention... everyone has a life and gaming is only a hobby... sometimes you want to work on your own stuff in game... but make an effort to be part of groups too :)

Feel free to message me in game at wiggleicious.6018 or on Discord at Wiggles#5769

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