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[NA][PvX] Eye of Ascalon [Eye] is now recruiting!


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Who we are:

We are a relatively new guild, looking for active players for all facets of the game. The primary focus is PvE/WvW, however we do dabble into PvP as well. New to the game? We got you! Returning player after a hiatus? We're here to get you up to speed. Veteran player? We welcome you with all your knowledge. Whatever your case is, you'll find a home with us.

We are most active in the evening, EST time.

What We Offer:

Fractals. We have several players who regularly run CMs/T4s and are willing to extend our experience to you, and help you go from fractal zero to hero.

Raids and Strikes. We plan on forming a raid group in the near future to allow people to experience end-game PvE content, and down some bosses.

Dungeons. We regularly run dungeons on a rotating basis to experience them all. If you never been into a dungeon, you can and will learn them all.

World versus World. We are located on Darkhaven, and plan on forming a static to go in, have fun, and help players progress with Ascended armor and Legendaries.

⦁ A group of people who are just fun to be around with! =)

What We Expect:

⦁ Rep requirement during guild activities, whether it would be fractals, raids, etc. If you do rep outside these activities, we expect you act accordingly and not give the guild a bad name. Toxicity, verbal abuse in PUGs is strictly forbidden, and will result in actions taken toward the offending party.

⦁ We realize IRL situations arise and you may need to take time away from the game. We understand completely; just be open and transparent, and we will accomodate your needs!

Discord is a requirement. All our events are posted here, as well as up-to-date information regarding guild happenings. You don't need to be active, but at least be kept in the loop of things.

Interested in joining [Eye]? We would love to have you! You can contact the following people down below. If no one is online, feel free to drop one of us a mail, or post here. We will get back to you as soon as possible!

Aelita.9617 | Shadow Omen.2381 (Guild Leaders)Gomo.6212 (Vice Leader)MorpheusDV.8592 | Melony Songbringer.7810 (Guild Officers)

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