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Simple changes to improve necromancer weapon skills


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Hi fellow necromancer players,as many of you have seen over the years there are some aspects/skills of necromancer weapons that would really need improvements(if not complete reworks), nothing major or gamebreaking, just a few coefficient tweaks and minor buff in a classy low effort balance way that would bring a better qol.Here are the few changes I propose

StaffNecrotic GrapsIt has been years since staff autoattack has received any buff at all, infact the last one was in 2014 a 50% projectile velocity increase which brought the autoattack to at least be discrectly reliable, since before was horrendous.Despite the fact I still think the damage on the autoattack is too low, I would argue that it wouldn't be that bad if the skill didn't take way too much time to reach the target.According to gw2 wiki Necrotic Grasp even with a 0.75s cast time actually takes 1.32s which makes it one of the slowest projectile autoattack in game. Let's be honest 0.57s to reach a target it's ridicolous, that's why I propose to increase the projectile speed up once again by at least 40% (number that comes out from the fact that there were 2 speed increase 1 in 2013 by 10% and the other in 2014 di 50%). The idea would be to make the autoattack competitive at max 1s total of attack speed beetwen cast time and projectile travel.Keeping in mind these weapons full attack speed like engi rifle(0.84s), war rifle(0.96s), ranger longbow(1s), dh longbow(1s), thief rifle(0.92s) to me this seems a fair request.

Mark of BloodStaff is generally considered an utility weapon for power builds, aside from Putrid Mark which packs a nice punch. So my proposal in order to make staff more of a power weapon too, would be to greatly increase the power coefficient, thus bringing the damage only for power build into a medium value beetween an autoattack and a putrid mark dmg. It would help a lot power builds who generally when swap to staff have no significant damage. This ofc must be well calibrated especially in wvw.

War HornLocust SwarmSince the change of this skill, I've seen less people using war horn, infact I'd say focus or dagger offhand are far better since war horn feels underwhelming.It was already kind of an utility weapon just for the on demand unblockable daze, but the component I think it misses more is the cripple. It was great when paired with dagger main hand, because it facilitated sticking to the target while doing dps.Also If my memory doesn't betray me, the dmg to me seemed a lot higher(if someone has done comparative test pre and post changes, please post the data to disprove this claim).My suggestion is to bring back the cripple, increase the siphon dmg a bit and reduce the cooldown, at least this offhand would be a bit more competitive with the other two.

FocusSouls GraspThe new version of this skill, is just another conversion into an utility one. The old version despite being difficult to land from far did way more dmg, vulnerability and life force.So I propose increase the siphoning damage, siphoning heal and speed the projectile.

DaggerLife SiphonThis skill need back the possibility to siphon even when you are not facing the target. It was super usefull before and was not gamebreaking at all, please give it back.

There are a lot more suggestion I would like to say, but most of them are not easy number tweaks or minor buffs, so I leave this list short.Thanks for reading, happy soul reaping to you all

(edit grammar mistakes)

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