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[EU] [PvE] Raiding Guild seeking experienced and dedicated Raiders, Aquabreathers [nTy]!


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Heya! We are a raiding guild and we are looking for at least 2-3 more people to raid with us and fulfill our roster! Some things about our guild and our requirements!

Vision The goal of Aquabreathers [nTy] is not just to get weekly clears, but to do smooth kills, and increase our own personal competences, trying out alternate strategies, and even low manning content. Why we want to do this, is because we enjoy raiding, not just because we want to get our weekly rewards and be done with it.Weekly clears while nice, is not the only thing we want to do, but rather to do multiple raids a week.Smooth kills No one likes to spend 3 hours + in FT & BotP, and therefore our aim is to get smooth kills during our weekly clears on mondays and tuesdays, and the aim is to have 2h30m runs.Personal competences Being able to play multiple roles allows our group to have flexibility in our raid comps, and allows for variance in our raids. We will therefore seek to have training raids in which you can train new builds and roles in a setting where the focus on not clearing, but improving and trying new things.Alternate strategies Using the same strategy over and over gets boring. Also using a safe strategy which takes longer can also get dull in the length. An example being Deimos, tanking him at the edge, while everyone stands in the middle and ranges him down. While it often results in a kill, it is not a very thrilling strategy. We want to push for alternate strategies, but only to use them in our weekly clears when we are comfortable enough with them that it won't impede our time goal.

Application Requirements

Roles We're currently looking for Chrono mains or Multiclassers tha can play anything. For Chrono we expect you to have both a DPS and Tanking set, for Druids it is Magi and Condi and for Dps you should have both Power and Condi classes!

Experience We are looking for people that are very experienced in all bosses with the classes that will make application with! That means you should be able to perform your best with these roles and not just with one class! We don't have a Li requirement but we may ask for it and it won't be a deal breaker!

Participation Our aim is not just to be a weekly clear guild, but rather do multiple raids a week. However, we do weekly raids on Mondays and Tuesdays at 19:00 CEST, and we expect you to be available both days to raid. There will also be raids on some of the other days, where we attempt CMs and practice new builds. We use a spreadsheet every week to sign up for our spots, that means if Monday's squad is full you can sign up for Tuesday's squad!

Communication We use Discord during our clears, and we would like everyone to join, speaking is not necessary!

DPS We require people to perform atleast 80% of qT's dps benchmarks, with a few additional requirements for the support roles.

  • Chronos need to be able to maintain atleast 90% alacrity and quickness uptime, with the alacrity not being on the chrono itself, but rather another person.
  • Phalanx Strength warriors needs to be able to output 25 might with a 90% uptime.
  • Druids need to be able perform the dps benchmark as condi , and need to maintain 3 GotL as magi.

Gear Check We also ask that you share with us an overview of your characters, where we can see Equipment, Inventory & Build.To do this, head over to www.guildwars2.com , Services, My account. Go to application and generate a new key with permissions to Characters, Inventory & Builds. You can then use this key on gw2efficiency.com , navigate to Account -> Characters , select the character you want to raid with, and then at the bottom there should be 6 options you can check. Check Equipment, Inventory & Build, and then copy the link that appears.

If you feel confident that you live up to these requirements, feel free to contact any of raid commanders that are online to start your application trial.The trial is in two steps - First we check your knowledge of your roles, by testing your dps as well as boon uptime in the Special Forces Training Area.If you pass the first step, then we will move onto the second step, which will test your knowledge of boss, where we will bring you along for a full clear to test out your ability to handle boss mechanics, as well as performing your designated role.

Representing Not necessary.

You can find us in game: Mormont.2579, Druinex.4107or in Discord : Aquabreathers [nTy]

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