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hi, I just want some input on what class should I gear next. I have geared my mesmer with full ascended and been running it for t4 fractals but now I am getting bored of running fractals and open world with her. My mesmer is on commander´s boon sharing build, so now I want a dps spec. I think I have enough materials to craft another set of ascended armor for light and medium classes. I am torn between ranger, thief or elementalist but I am more on the ranger so I can have a medium condi set of armor. But I am afraid people will expect me to become a druid and go on being a support again (I am not selfish, just this time I want to have one dps character XD). I am leaning towards making a condi character to explore that world of condi dps.

Please if you were to choose a class to play effectively as a dps what it would be and why?

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