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Enchanted Reward Boosts/Experience Booster - Inconsistent Description or wrong Duration

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Hi there,The Description of the Enchanted Reawrd boot says that the boost lasts an Hour - If i choose the Experience Booster from it i only gain a duration of 20 Minutes.Especialy a bad deal as the enchanted Boost costs an 1 Hr. lasting Boost + some silver... so i pay extra to have less effect???

Also the Icon of the Exp Booster in the selections shows it is at rare tier - the opriginal rare Tier Experience Booster itself is 2 hrs...Please clarify.edit for spelling (title)

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Ingame description Ingame says: "Activate to choose a reward boost that will last for one hour."The true duration is only shown when you hover over the Icon (the Icon, not the whole entry!) of the Boost you want to choose. This is in fact misleading, if intentional or not, i dont know. If you swap The booster for the enchated one you make a loss of 66%. duration. Thats not cool.

You are talking about the wiki article which is a different thing. PPl dont look into the wiki for every Item in the game.

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