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[NA][PVE] Swift Rejects [SR] is recruiting!


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We are a small, brand new guild looking to add to our community. We are casual, friendly, and helpful with some new, experienced, and returning players. We are mainly PVE at the moment because of our player base, but PVP is certainly not off the table. Our only requirements are that you be 18 years or older and follow simple rules that can be summed up as don't be an a**hole or a cheater.

Recruitment spiel: New to the game? Returning? Join the Swift Rejects[sR] today! We're a newly formed guild looking for members. Join today to be rejected >:)

P.S. There is a story behind the guild name (and now theme of the guild) that is much more than just "it sounds cool." It was a collective experience that formed our guild and is documented in story form on our discord ^.^

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