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Game Freezes

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Hi, for a last two weeks I have a proble with my game freezing. Happens like once per three days. Today while doing Triple trouble it happened twice, cause I needed to restart PC  I logged back in the different version of the map and was not able to join my squad, cause their map was full... so i did not get my reward -.- . When I wrote it in the squad chat few ppl said that they are having same proble over the last few days.


The game freezes and I cant see my cursor, but I can still hear the music. I cant even quit the game in the task manager, so I need to restart PC. The only thing what is frozen is the game, other thing (web browser etc.) still works and I can restar my PC through Start in windows. Also... It looks like my character is still in the game after the game freezes. When it happened while doing Dragon storm, I waited few minutes before restarting my PC (I restarted it after I was sure the dragon storm is over) and when I logged back I got my reward.


Does anyone have same problem and do you know how to fix it? Thanks! ^^

(also, English is not my 1st language, so sorry for some mistakes)


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