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Cannot Launch Game

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I'm uncertain what happened, as I was playing with no issues last night and earlier today with no problems. I logged in earlier, did daily Kourna stuff and then went to Bitterfrost to do the dailies there. Game locked up on loading screen and then crashed. Re-launched, got in fine, did a daily and the game crashed out of nowhere. Then it would crash when I tried to load into the character. Now I can't even get the game to launch past the Launcher without it telling me that it can't launch the 3D environment and to check for an updated GPU and make sure I have DX9 installed. 


I am NOT using the DX12 plugin/addon.


I have an AMD Radeon RX 6700 XT and 32GB of RAM. Just to be certain, I reinstalled the driver software and then repaired the game client. Launcher > Login > Play > Immediately get the same message. 


Seek out the DirectX 9 download and install that, then repair the game again. Launcher > Login > Play > Immediately get the same message. I don't know what happened.


Error Message

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