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Can't Purchase gems, tried multiple payment methods

Heya! ^_^

With the key sale today I wanted to purchase some gems and try my luck; but it doesn't seem to work!
I already opened a ticket, but I am afraid that by the time they answer it, the sale will be over!

I am getting either the "Unexpected error" or the "This offer is not currently available"

I tried using OnlineBanking (Dutch method) or Paypal, and both give me the same error.
I purchased gems in the past succesfully, never did a chargeback, never bought gems from anywhere else than the game itself! Hopefully someone has some idea how to sort it out



  • ollbirtan.2915ollbirtan.2915 Member ✭✭✭

    Same problem here --- been using PayPal without any issue for the past 3 years - same account etc . Now getting 'Unexpected Error' message in-game and a message from PayPal saying that bot of my cards are declined. What the? Please fix your stuff asap/

  • Had same problem, support fixed it for me.
    Are you from NL too @ollbirtan.2915 ?

  • ollbirtan.2915ollbirtan.2915 Member ✭✭✭

    @raveparade.7582 No I'm in SEA. I didn't submit a ticket, but the problem 'magically' went away after an hour or two...Looks like it was an issue between PayPal / Digital River (anet)