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  1. Just shows how disconnected the devs are from the spvp community. Nerfing things by slapping cooldowns on them is such a lazy solution. Actually, it shows once again, that anet doesn't give a kitten about spvp game mode.
  2. Well, this and 5 target caps in pve means anet has finally lost its last vestiges of sanity. End of dragons, indeed.
  3. Fun fact - 300 ICD "placeholder" traits are unlikely to be reworked ever. Why? The have new 300 ICD traits on EOD specs in sPvP. What a circus.
  4. Mmmm...I think you've been playing too much of Dark Souls on PC. This is GW...inventories don't just OPEN by themselves...unless, of course, your PC is possessed or smth🤷‍♂️
  5. Please nerf teeef! Thanks!
  6. No it is not. Use cleanse / stunbreak.
  7. This ☝️👍 And to OP - WvW /sPvP players are forced to complete the Gift of Exploration, which takes much much longer than the 6-8 hours of semi-afk WvW required to get the Gift of Battle.
  8. I couldn't have said better. This is true across all game modes right now - enjoy !
  9. Guardian hammer says "hello" 🤣
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