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  1. Having same issue - error code 108. Never had problems buying expansions. Support hasn't been helpful so far - suggested I try different browsers, which i did, and change security settings - which i also did. Waiting for updates..
  2. Never happened to me except on a couple of occasions with, what I assume, to be trolls. Basically, I join an LFG titled "T4 All welcome" - and get immediately kicked with m loading screen to fractals still loading. This happened 3-4 times on EU.
  3. yep it did indeed. so did the eyes on the Nightspeaker Outfit.
  4. Oh look! Now that cata is gutted, the mob is back for more blood!
  5. I've officially seen it all now. Why not delete [insert spec I can't learn to counter here] completely?
  6. I mean if you never heard of counter play, look it up 🤷‍♂️
  7. you just ignore it and move on with your business around the map. The damage it does is laughable unless you keep hitting it giving it those juicy blocks.
  8. For me the BL Gem Tab just doesn't load. Exchange and TP load fine. Funny enough all worked smooth for me during the brief introduction of chromium.
  9. I mean they've done it to FB as well and many other specs rendering them useless in sPvP. At least we can still play core engi in sPvp. ....Ohhh wait....
  10. Again, if you really think like this, means that you haven't set foot in sPvP for the past 3 years.
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