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  1. I'm not sure you are trolling or are simply that uninformed. Legend swapping / attunement swapping / going into tomes / kits etc etc ---- ALL of those count as 'weapon swap' on sigils.
  2. Alac mirage is by no means the new meta for fractals, but it is definitely a solid substitute for rene when you can't wait for one in a PUG.
  3. Interesting....I tried to combine scepter with dagger for FA weaber, but the synergy is just not there for me...Sc / focus or d /d are my staple for all weaver build in WvW. I also just can't give up arcane in favor of fire on FA...so more 'fluidity' vs burst for me I guess. Also a genuine question - how do you deal with all the CCs in outnumbered situations when you have no stability - not counting 4 seconds of stab on Glacial Drift ?
  4. I mean, 2v2 is a bot / necro+necro+necro+necro fiesta. So balanced and fun to play, right?
  5. I really liked your videos since they are all about build variety and not always sticking to 'meta'. But this post feels like a back stab...You request to simply REMOVE one stat combination and nerf the other one - do you want the last bit of "fun" taken away from competitive mode that still allows variety? Or do you prefer WvW to become castrated like sPvP today?
  6. Great how they only acknowledge the problem 12 hours later and post about it on twitter. great communication for the most prioritised game mode obviously
  7. Another weekly round of 'please nerf class xxx / skill xxx'? I also, don't understand the issue. -shrug-
  8. And your point is....? Don't single out 3 classes ---- others also have skills that disregard LOS. Ranger, ele immediately come to mind.
  9. Valor is actually underrated. I feel it is even superior to virtues when you have to 100% wheelchair through and spike heal very bad pugs. Traited MI is so good and also, as you said, you can swap axe to mace and still upkeep fury.
  10. Everyone, come one. It's only been like what? 3 years? Give anet some slack mkaaay? 😒
  11. Even though anet did remove so many amulets from sPvP, this doesn't support the argument. Their decision to remove amulets , to put it mildly, 'was not really well thought through'. As a result, we now have almost zero build diversity, and, SURPRISE, bunkers are still here even without those so-called op amulets,
  12. buuuut what about the cheaters' feeeeeeeeeeelings?🤣
  13. I know how media works, trust me 🙂 My point is that this sudden ban after YEARS of silence and silencing the players is merely an act of being extra cautious ahead of the EOD. But I'm quite certain that no heads would have rolled because of a "scandal" in the game mode abandoned in 2015....."1 guy in the back" anyone? 😁
  14. Shareholders yes - Gaming media ? Easily silenced. Sorry....Wish that was true man.
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