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**Commander, a word… **


The Essentials.

What we offer as a Community:

  1. A friendly, helpful and inclusive environment.
  2. Active, engaged forums, allowing members to meet people across divisions.
  3. Discord Voice and Text Chat Server.
  4. Freedom to play other divisions and casual games the way you want.
  5. Structured leadership, with officers for each department: PvE, PvP/WvW, RP, Crafting, and Recruitment.
  6. Multiple Games, One Community

What we offer for GW2:

  1. PvE events including (but not limited to) HP and WBs trains, PvE grab bags, fractals (beginning and beyond), jumping puzzles and a team focused on training new raiders!
  2. sPvP events for all experience ranges run by our Mist Officer and his team.
  3. WvW Havoc groups on the Tarnished Coast server.
  4. RP events following our rag-tag group of Remnants Mercenaries.
  5. Themed Holiday events and contests like our Valentine's screenshot challenge
  6. Fully equipped Guild Hall decorated and maintained by our Hall Department
  7. A Crafting Department who offer guidance and help in all things crafty.

What we value in our members:

Team Players
Willingness to help

What Else Would you Like to Know?

About Us

Remnants of Hope (RoH) was founded in the galaxies far, far away on June 7th, 2009. Since it’s evolved into a multi-game community with divisions in ESO, SWTOR, GW2, and WoW. We've grown into a phenomenal community built around positive, inclusive gameplay.

Our GW2 division has an active core group of members with all experience ranges including veterans ready to help. We’re a Tarnished Coast Guild for WvW but there are no restrictions for our other guild activities. As long as you are on NA you should have no issues attending events with other guildies. We welcome all!

We offer members all aspects of game-play such as events in PvE, PvP, WvW, RP, and Crafting experts willing to answer all questions you may have. Our forums are open for all divisions to actively post and build friendships. Along with that we host an active Discord server, where we chat and participate in events via VOIP.

We’re not your average guild. With our community first mindset, we strive to make members feel welcome and like part of the family. But if that isn’t enough to get you to click on our link, I have a question for you!

Do you enjoy…


The RoH Crafting/Guild Hall department provides a variety of services to our members! Through the guild bank we offer a variety of useful items, like consumables and siege, as well as fun goodies like dyes and minis. We also provide agony infusions to those trying to up their fractal game and crafted gear and bags upon request, all free of charge! The Guild Hall is decorated for RP and fully upgraded.

The Crafting Krewe is incredibly knowledgeable about all things crafting and offers assistance detangling anything folks find confusing, providing both one on one help and guides for different areas of crafting that give people particular trouble.


RoH’s GW2 PvE offers a wide range of activities for you to partake in! We have beginner friendly events scheduled nearly every day that range from Guild Missions to Training Raids. Our goal is to keep PvE open to every skill level and inclusive. Each event is led by a PvE Assistant who has extensive knowledge in that area of PvE. RoH GW2’s main focus is to be open to all and to get everybody in on the fun on PvE in GW2!

PvP / WvW

Throughout the week we have several WvW events led by our Mist Commanders on the Tarnished Coast server. We run consistent Reset Nights (welcome to beginners wanting to learn the exciting game type). Along with this, RoH is looking to build up a 15-20 man comp group with no 'elitist' mindset. We look for fights whenever we can, preferring mid-sized (15vX/20vX) skirmishes. Everyone is geared evenly to a certain extent, the players with more and better gear are the players who put more time into it. We also host unofficial roam groups and other events throughout the week. Come have fun learning a new or well known game style!


We in the RP department would like to invite you to hop in-game with us every other Sunday night at 6pm EST for our bi-weekly in-game RP events! Join our recently re-established in-character company, on their adventures in dealing with dangerous missions and other sorts of uncanny mischief! New to RP? Not a problem, we'd be more than happy to help you get started. Our RP section on the forums is undergoing a bit of reconstruction but we reorganized soon to follow with room for character bios, event recaps, and even forum RP! In the meantime, we'd love to see you in-game soon! If you have any questions please feel swing by the RoH Forums and send us a mail!

GW2 Gameplay

Our community wants you to play the way you’d like to! We host guild events almost every day of the week that we encourage but don’t require members to attend. There are many different ways to play Guild Wars 2 and we understand this. Some may be itching to dive head first into end-game content while others enjoy the process of leveling their characters. We simply want every fractal champion, lore master, raider, craftsmen, or explorer to find a safe space for them to play their own way.

Non GW2 Activities

Guild Wars 2 is not the only game we enjoy playing as a group! Along with the other divisions in our community (ESO, SWTOR, and WoW) we host many different interests groups. We gather together for community meetings followed by a hosted guild movie-night, Karaoke, and other games we can play as a group. We just want to be together and have some fun!

So tell me….
Are you ready to join the family?

Visit us at [remnantsofhope.com] (http://www.remnantsofhope.com) to apply!

Because our community is awesome, we do have an application and trial membership process. It allows you to get to know us and gives members a chance to meet you! Kind of like a handshake, we take the process very seriously. You can tell a lot from the way someone shakes your hand so be thorough when you fill it out. If you'd like more information please feel free to contact our Recruitment Officer (Merredith.7361 in-game, or Merredith on the RoH forums)!

We HOPE to see you soon!



  • Im still pretty new to RoH and GW2 and i honestly believe being in RoH has made my GW2 experience so much more enjoyable. I applied to RoH when i barely knew anything about the game and have learned so much form them just over the last month and a half. Their leadership is unlike any iv seen in a MMO community, they put the members first and never turn someone away when they ask questions. If you are looking for an active, friendly guild with lots of fun events to participate in definitely give RoH a look! (Dont be intimidated by the trail process because its actually alot of fun and really helps getting you involved into the guilds events and gives you a chance to meet everyone fairly quickly.)


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    Wednesday Guild Missions were a blast last week on 5/6. We had an awesome turnout for them with full and trial members coming together to hunt bounties, turn into critters for races, jump into cuddle puddles, and complete a puzzle! We ended it all with an awesome group photo in our guild hall. Overall 10 out of 10, would attend again review from those who went.

  • So I started with RoH about 3 years ago playing World of Warcraft. As Dexstar.1425 said the Trial process seemed intimidating. Unbeknownst to the RoH recruitment team I had filled out the application for membership from a hospital cafeteria. I didn't know it then but my father would die of leukemia a few days later. Members of RoH were there for me, someone they didn't even know, with words of encouragement. Word got around a bit and people messaged me telling me to stay strong and offering hope. It was really amazing. Even though it was just a bunch of internet strangers (at that point) every word of every message helped. It's hard to articulate how it felt at the time.

    In the 3 years I have played in almost every division of RoH and just landed on Guild Wars 2 a couple of weeks ago. I was messaged by one of those people who helped me through loss years before. Everything in the game seemed complex and intimidating. I had many many stupid questions. RoH was there to give me answers and, because no good deed goes unpunished, those answers prompted me to think up MORE complex stupid questions - which they also answered. I have done a bunch of events WAY outside the scope of what I thought possible.

    I cannot recommend RoH enough. Hope to see you in game.

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    Remnants of [HOPE] would like to congratulate all the new members we got in April!

    • mattbail
    • EmmetOtter
    • Weaver
    • Darklord Acidburn
    • Arcader Zero
    • seamexican
    • Pixi-Spit
    • Lim
    • astral_falcon
    • battleshield
    • Dexstar
    • Godric
    • Raina Shadowblade
    • cmoore2001
    • Sttuoc
    • LuLoNar
    • Zeironde
    • Flowerbud
    • Obran
    • Vega Genesis
    • curedreamless
    • Noxii
    • KnightNight
    • Torkk
    • Potototo
    • Cid
    • Siyanlis
    • Evan
    • PogueEthics
    • Rapscallion273
    • Gruder
    • Xannidel
    • Stormcrow

    We're very glad to have you joining us as part of our family!

    AND we'd like to welcome all of our newest trial members!

    • Mythril
    • Nayesh
    • Umbercrow
    • Notelek
    • Nashen
    • Nvy
    • Mike
    • Shadowbinder
    • Sage Roze
    • Sciver

    Thank you for giving RoH a shot! We hope you find a home here with us.

  • Some running around the AC area on 5/4/2020 may have noticed a peculiar bunch gathering outside the dungeon. Fear not, that was only us as we prepped for our naked dungeon race! The first of an awesome week planned by our amazing Crafting and Guild Hall department for their fundraiser, the naked races were a huge success. Chilly but lots of fun.

  • Congratulations to our newest full members:

    And welcome to the new trial members:

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    I am on the west coast. are you all still pretty active in the evenings my time? Hate missing guild events due to the time zone.

  • @Dagwood.7145 said:
    I am on the west coast. are you all still pretty active in the evenings my time? Hate missing guild events due to the time zone.

    Most of our events are planned in EST time zone but we do have a lot of people on in the evenings. I'm also PST so generally I'm on late our time :)

  • Congrats to our newest full member Nvy!

    And welcome to our incoming trial members:

  • Coming up tomorrow 5/19 on the RoH events calendar:

    8pm EST GW2 Living Story: Join the group to walk through the entire GW2 Living Story! We will be running through each mission and watching all cut scenes. There will also be times where we will try and get the achievement.
    930pm EST Are you interested in getting into some AWESOME sPvP action? Come join us in the Department of the Mists as we delve into the arenas for a piece of the action! Every Tuesday at 9:30 EST!

    These events are so much fun. I learn a lot every time I am able to attend them. If you are new to sPVP, don't worry, everyone is patient and its a lot of fun and full of laughs.

  • Thanks for the invite

  • Dro.2536Dro.2536 Member

    Are voice comms active throughout the day?

  • @Dro.2536 said:
    Are voice comms active throughout the day?

    It’s more active at night / evening times during the week and throughout the day on weekends. Of course they’re always open for use and if you’re in there generally someone will pop on to say hello. :)

  • Dro.2536Dro.2536 Member

    Can you send me an invite? Dro.2536

  • @Dro.2536 said:
    Can you send me an invite? Dro.2536

    We actually have an application and trial process! You’ll need to swing by our website and from there you’ll find the instructions you need to apply for us. :)

  • Congratulations to our newest full members

    And good luck to our current trial members

  • Howdy QuietlyExisting,
    I have filled out the sign up form but have not seen a verification email as of yet i have had it sent twice but nothing. i have checked all folders so i didnt know if there was an issue with the verification email.


  • Annamika.4206Annamika.4206 Member ✭✭

    Hi there fantsyking, I got you lined out so you can login to the site. Thanks for letting us know!

  • thank you :)

  • RoH is very happy to welcome back Godric and our new trial Luckgod.

    We're also excited about another weekend packed with fun things to do from World Boss train to sPvP!

  • Merichi.3982Merichi.3982 Member ✭✭

    Happy Sunday to everyone, I hope it's been relaxing for most!
    I want to stop by to give a big shout out to our newest full members

    And a very warm welcome to our newest trial members

    RoH is very happy to have you all with us!

  • For anyone looking for an active, friendly guild head on over to the RoH website and give it a look! If you are looking for a guild with not only diverse members but diverse events definitely take a closer look! We are always looking for new members to hang out with and have some GW2 fun.

    Here's just a couple events happening this week:

    • Monday night fractals.
    • Wednesday guild missions, always a fun, relaxing time.
    • Friday night WvW reset havocs.
  • I'm so excited to see y'all are still here! I've been MIA for 3+ yrs! Yay!

  • @Nagazim.2469 said:
    I'm so excited to see y'all are still here! I've been MIA for 3+ yrs! Yay!

    It's had it's ups and downs but we're still around! Glad you applied, we love seeing past members join back :)

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    One of our growing attractions in RoH has been the hard work our Mist department has been putting into building up WvW for our guild! How exactly are we doing that, you ask? Well with our first WvW training having been hosted and multiple WvW events throughout the week I'd definitely say a lot. We aim to have fun and do our best for the Tarnished Coast server!

    That is if we aren't getting stuck in walls.

    View post on imgur.com
  • GW2 is super excited to be hosting our neighbors from the RoH ESO division for dragon bash! Our goal? Get enough of those jorbreakers to help our guild hall get a fancy new dragon holo.
    Wish us luck!

  • Crafting Officer here! I joined this community about a year ago and I gotta say, these are some of the kindest folks I've met. I love this community so much! Also in addition to all the Dragon Bash fun, we're hosting a whole line up of special winter themed events to help everyone forget the record breaking heat! There's always something fun and new to do over here and I'm so excited to see the community continue to grow! <3

  • Bander.5194Bander.5194 Member ✭✭

    If you want a taste of everything GW2 has to offer, this Guild--and really, community-- is the best you'll find. I've been a member since October 2019 and it's been a great experience. Casual-friendly, community wide events, active Discord. We offer training raids, strikes, weekly Fractal groups, story runs, HP trains, and more (and that's just for PvE). Each mode of GW2 has a dedicated department that works hard to make your experience the best it can be, while providing a great friendly atmosphere. Come check us out!

  • Hi. You should join this guild. It's pretty great. I promise.

  • Anyone interested in joining a fun, active guild come check out RoH! We have a great group of people always willing to help and group up for things as well as weekly events that are always a blast!

  • Hope everyone is having a wonderful week.
    It's been an awesome week of fractals, guild missions, sPVP, some WvW, and just running around the maps to conquer the world.

    Congratulations to our newest full members! We are so glad to have you among our ranks!
    Andlie Hart

    Also welcome to our current trial members:

  • Welcome to our newest trial member justlucy.4831!!!

    Community Game Night!!!! Happy Friday!!! All RoH trial members/members are invited to play games together, tonight's games are Jackbox Party!
    We do this about once per month - we meet for a community meeting to chat about everything going on in all our divisions then get together after and play games or watch a movie. This is just an example of what we do together =)

  • I do have a few questions for the guild if you can get a hold of me in world. Just a far warning for some reason my account is considered a free account even though I have HoT and PoF so might take a bit to set up communication.

  • @Khandarus.2738 said:
    I do have a few questions for the guild if you can get a hold of me in world. Just a far warning for some reason my account is considered a free account even though I have HoT and PoF so might take a bit to set up communication.

    I'll send you a mail in game!

  • Congratulations to our new Division Commander Lim! Thank you for stepping up and being willing to serve our amazing GW2 family. I am excited about the future of our guild and watching us grow and improve under your leadership!

  • Anyone looking for an active, friendly guild come check out RoH! Just a couple of the events we have this week are:
    Monday Night Fractals
    Wednesday Guild Missions
    Friday WvW Reset Havocs

    We strive to keep a community focused atmosphere that focuses on player interaction. If this is something you are interested in give RoH's website a look!

  • Congratulations to Our Newest Members!

    Welcome to our Current Trial Members!

    Are you interested in joining our family? Take a look at our website.

  • bones.6524bones.6524 Member ✭✭

    Big congratulations to our newest member Palden.1259 =)

    AND another big congratulations to our new RP officer, Frag Sandwich.2709!
    Join us and see what's new in the RP department, hosting events every other Wednesday and Sunday.

  • Remnants of Hope is a great guild to be in. The people are friendly and very helpful. I took a break from the game and have come back to play and have had a lot of questions about builds, game play, crafting, and items and what they are used for. There are so many things to do as far as activities with the guild! Do not let the application and trial period scare you away. there are plenty of opportunities for you to meet your requirements and get to know us! Come play in Tyria with us, we would love to have you join us!

  • bones.6524bones.6524 Member ✭✭

    Congratulations to our newest member Radman.8047 =)

    As always, a warm welcome to our new and current trial members:

    The PvE department has a new assistant! Thank you to Silverlock.9736 for joining the team. <3
    You can check out more information about Remnants of Hope here.

  • bones.6524bones.6524 Member ✭✭

    Best of luck to our two brand new trial members!

    Tonight our PvE officer Bander.5194 will be leading a story run (Old Foes, Old Ghosts in Ember Bay). This is a weekly event and it lets members join in to complete story missions together, which is always a nice time to share. We have many events every day of the week, so if you're interested, click here!

  • bones.6524bones.6524 Member ✭✭

    Our newest application has just advanced to trial member! Congratulations to gaypaladin.6103 and best of luck in your trial! :3

    We're all in discord right now doing guild missions! This happens every week, along with a whole bunch of different events. If you're interested to join, you can visit this page to send in your application!

  • bones.6524bones.6524 Member ✭✭

    Tomorrow night is WVW reset night! At Remnants of Hope, we do weekly reset night events led by our PVP/WVW department. Whether you're new or returning, you'll always be welcome to join up with us.

    Outside of official RoH events, you're bound to find members roaming around the battlegrounds or queueing up for some conquest. And don't worry if PVP modes aren't your thing! You'll be happy to see we offer a large variety of events every week.. there's something for everyone here. Check us out for more information and to apply. :)

  • bones.6524bones.6524 Member ✭✭

    Guess what? It's FRIDAY, probably the best day of the week. That also means the guild is getting ready for some WvW reset action! New, experienced, and returning players are always welcome to join us in all our events scheduled throughout the week.

    Quick shoutout to Barandar, our PvE officer, who is currently leading a HP Train. Barandar is full of Guild Wars 2 knowledge, and always willing to help out those who need it. We're lucky to have you!

    One last shout out to our current trial members!


    And to our most recent full members!


    If you're interested in joining, there's a spot here for you. Click here to apply!

  • bones.6524bones.6524 Member ✭✭

    Hope everyone had a great weekend!
    Today, the guild will be drawing a random lucky member for the weekly lotto! Also the PVE department is hosting a Living World event where they run through one of GW2's story missions, lots of fun to do them together. :)

    If you want a place to call home and enjoy daily events with friends, you should definitely check us out and apply.

    Congratulations to our newest full members!

    And we're so happy to have these new trial members join us

  • bones.6524bones.6524 Member ✭✭

    Hello everyone!
    I'm happy to announce that Remnants of Hope is adding a second WvW event, commanded by our new PVP officer Kaii. That means we now have back-to-back WvW nights (Thursday at 8PM EST, Friday at 10 PM EST). If you're looking to get into this game mode for the first time, we have lots of info, guides, and a great department to learn from. Click here to send in your application! B)

    Thursday nights is also our STRIKE NIGHT, led by Darklord Acidburn! All strike mechanics are explained thoroughly, and it's a load of fun in a low-stress environment. Want to learn strikes? We've got you covered.

    Feel free to add me on discord (bones#0917) if you have any questions!

  • bones.6524bones.6524 Member ✭✭

    I hope everyone survived through their Monday! =)

    I just want to remind any of the new GW2 players out there that are reading this; Remnants of Hope would love to have you here with us. I believe we can offer one of the best environments for you to learn about the game, progress through any achievements, and get deeper into the mechanics. If you're considering getting into a guild, you should definitely check us out.

    Of course, experienced players are always welcome as well. ;)

    A special shoutout to all our current trial members:

    Looking forward to getting into game with you all.

  • I'm on the west coast and work four nights a week. So generally I'm on afternoons or late, like past 11 PST, unless I'm off work. Will I have trouble getting involved with current members? I'm currently just doing open world and trying to find which class I enjoy most to gear, but I also want to get into WvW and probably fractals.

  • Hi esrilk, the majority of our scheduled events are at 8:00 PM EST! We have members from varying time zones as well, so you're bound to find people online for any sort of activity you want to group for. :)

  • Hi everyone, I hope you're all excited for the new fractal coming on September 15th!

    I know there's a lot of us in Remnants of Hope that are looking to group up and test it out right when it launches. It's always exciting to jump into new content with great people you know (even if we die over and over.. at least we're having fun, right?!) ;)

    We'd love to have you join us in our scheduled (and impromptu!) fractal events every week. Click here to check out more information!

    Looking forward to meeting you. :)