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  1. A little bit of everything today! Two full groups in each of two PvP Tourneys, a couple hours of WvW led by yours truly, and a Tequatl meta brought to us by the Crafting Department.
  2. WoW, what a night in WvW World Restructuring Beta tonight! Four hours on Red BL: took and defended Air Keep all night; took a defended garrison from some of our usual allies on Tarnished Coast. And all with friends, guildies, and allies from a variety of servers. Pretty much everyone got at least 10 ranks, and one person got a whopping 19!
  3. From a member still in their trial period, on our reddit post:
  4. RoH Community Meeting is tonight, bringing together guildies from all six games in the multigame community. GW2 Division Commander Herodii announced that during our Wintersday events, we gave away 1700 gold in prizes!
  5. Hi there! Following up on Veritas' suggestion, although RoH is not an LGBTQ+ guild, we have a lot of LGBTQ+ members and leaders, including nonbinary and transgender members, as well as allies. In addition, one of the ways we maintain an inclusive, non-toxic atmosphere is through a Code of Conduct and a disciplinary system to enforce it. If you would like to see the experience of new members with our community and daily guild events, check out our thread a bit further down the forum. Hope you find what you are looking for! (And good luck on the guild hall Proschemata!)
  6. Our banking guild (our second guild hall) can now claim keeps! Thanks Crafting Department and community for all your work on leveling the banking guild.
  7. The audience gazes in awe at the many great Wintersday fashion entries!
  8. Today's Wintersday Fashion Show was off the chain! We had song & dance combos, monologues, emoji roleplays, instrument recitals, and ALL the fashion. Grats to Ballyvicks on walking away with first place!
  9. Happy Wintersday! And thank you RoH Crafting Department for decking out the Guild Hall for the season!
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