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  • Hey it's me, a new member mentioned a couple posts up! If you are searching for a good group of people to spend time with, look no further. Nightly events means there is always something going on and discord is super active. Members are helpful and no question is a bad question, which is great for a casual player like me who has been roaming Tyria for years and that's pretty much it, but now wants to delve into different aspects of the game with no previous knowledge. 11/10 would recommend

  • Hello everyone, I hope you all had a good weekend! We had a few groups run through the latest fractal when it released and that was a lot of fun to experience together.

    This Saturday we're keeping with our theme of the month (Pirate theme) and hosting a Hide and Seek Scavenger Hunt along with a Belcher's Bluff tournament! This will be hosted by our Crafting Department and it is always a fun time. :) If these kinds of special events interest you, or if you just want to come hear our Division Commander's pirate impersonation on Discord, click here and apply. ;)

    A big congratulations to our recent full members:

    We're looking forward to our current trial members becoming full members soon:
    Mr. Minx

  • I'm a relatively new member of this guild, since I've only let GW2 dig it's sharp claws back in to my psyche a few months ago, but RoH has been really fun so far! It's not just about nightly events, but the VARIETY of events they are willing to put together that really makes this guild shine (We're talking fractals, HP runs, WvW, social parties, Roleplay, guild missions, out-side-of-GW2-games, etc.). The official forums and Discord are constantly active and fun to participate on or lurk. Gaming with a dedicated base of players like this really enhances the game and helps it feel not so lonely and daunting. The only regret I have is not having enough gaming time to actually participate in every nightly event! I highly recommend sticking through that trial phase and joining up with this fine group of gamers.

  • I can't say enough of good things about RoH. I just came back to game from many years away from it. The amounts of new stuff I have to learn is overwhelming. Everyone in the guild is super helpful. As many has mentioned, the guild runs a ton of events so there is always something to do. Even better, the guild is really helpful in getting new players starts up with everything. HP train, fractal, PvP, WvW...etc, you name it. People are super friendly and I do not feel any pressure if I have no clue on something. If you are just starting out/coming back to the game and hoping to find a great guild that does everything, you should give RoH a look.

  • Happy Sunday everyone! It's time to start getting ready for the next week, but there's still some fun to be had before the weekend is over!

    This Sunday our GW2 division is hosting a Karaoke night at 8:00 PM EST! Any division (ESO, SWTOR, WOW) is free to join and take turns singing their choice of song or just listen in! This is a great time for all divisions to come together and get to know each other during a fun event over discord.

    Besides karaoke, we also have our normal scheduled events for Sunday such as Fractals and RP.

    We would love to offer you a place to call home. Check out our website here to apply and become a Remnants of Hope member. :3

  • bones.6524bones.6524 Member ✭✭

    Hi everyone! I hope you're all ready for some spooks and treats because we're heading in the month of HALLOWEEN! Remnants of Hope will be hosting fun and spooky Halloween themed events throughout the month, such as Trick or Treating, Ghost Stories, and Screenshot contests (among other events).

    Visit our website and join us for our daily scheduled events and themed events, you won't regret it. ;)

    Special shout out to our current trial members:

  • So are there dedicated GMs and officers on GW2? Or do they bounce around different games as well?

  • bones.6524bones.6524 Member ✭✭

    @Sigian.2903 said:
    So are there dedicated GMs and officers on GW2? Or do they bounce around different games as well?

    Our GW2 division has a dedicated Division Commander as well as dedicated Officers for the different areas in the game (Recruitment, PvE, Crafting, PVP, RP). I hope this answers your question!

  • Hello all!
    Our last karaoke event was so much fun, so we're planning another one for Halloween! You can expect some great singers, laughs, and potentially some Halloween songs too (if people choose to). The date is still being scheduled right now, but we're aiming for the end of October! Plenty of time to apply and get in on the music!

    One last update! Our Halloween screenshot event is live, with participation prizes and a pretty spooky (and cool!) grand prize. ;) Members will be putting on their scariest costume, finding the creepiest locations, and getting the right angles and lighting. The contest is open for the entire month of October, so come join us and share your best screenshot!

    Special shout out to our most recent full members!

  • Hi everyone, I hope the halloween in-game event has been treating you well. ;) I wanted to give a quick update for our karoke event, it is officially scheduled for October 31st at 8PM EST. I am also unofficially dubbing it "scaraoke" for obvious reasons... I hope to hear many Nightmare Before Christmas tunes.

    Check out this event and our many other daily events right here!
    If you need any help applying, you can always add me on discord (bones#0917).

    Special shoutout to our current trial members!