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[EU] WvW - Can't change map

Since ~1 hour many players in our server Jade-Sea [EU] (may be in others servers too) can't change map.
We're stuck in one and if we try to change we get the code 42:5:18:1754:101

It's a bit embarrasing, it's not like we were alone against merged servers and we were outnumbered every evenings, if we can't move map to map.... :#


  • same here, but im in pve, alot of issues tonight it seems.

  • darksome.1697darksome.1697 Member ✭✭✭

    Can't enter WvW at all since 2 hours, for those of us stuck outside. Getting a Code=1068:9:17:4973:101 stating that the "WvW is unavailable while matches are being updated", and it's 42 minutes left in the current skirmish.