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[Vid] Best bobbleheads

RisenHowl.2419RisenHowl.2419 Member ✭✭✭✭
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  • Lmao Risen. So glad you went through with the idea! I laughed so hard during the teq battle with bobble head on. Ty for sharing!

    Sin The Alluring/Tormentor/Terrorizer/Terrible/Insane/Fragrant/Subtle/Vigilante/Explosive/Saint/Demonic/Scout/Crazy
    WVW: The Quarriors - [JADE] ~ Hide Yo Zerg Hide Yo Tag Cuz - [ICU] (if ICU UR Spotted) ~ Really Into Partying - [RIP]
    PVE: Vassals Of The Aether - [VOA] ~ Friends Vs Dungeons [FvD]

  • Now I want to see the Elder Dragons with bobble heads.

    The Charr shall rule!