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[EU] Casual & Training PVE guild, Thracians [THR] is recruiting!



  • I'm also a returning player. Based in the UK I played some 8 or 9 years ago and got a Charr to lvl 70. I came back about two or three weeks ago and had forgotten everything and so decided to create a new character (Revenant). Just got him to lvl 80 and about to complete the personal story. There's so much other stuff I'd like to try - Fractals, Strikes, Raids - even a bit of WvW wouldn't go amiss. Also have a gazillion questions on ascended and legendary stuff.

    Would love an invite if you'd have me. Cheers!

  • Dean.3056Dean.3056 Member ✭✭

    @Wowbagger.3176 said:
    Hi! I've been playing on and off since launch of GW2 and would love to join the guild. Do you have a spot for a Asuran Mesmer or an Ascalonian Ranger in your guild (got all characters, but those two are my mains).

    sent an invite :)

  • Dean.3056Dean.3056 Member ✭✭

    Friendly bump :)

  • Hi! I'm a relatively new player (got lvl 80 chars but haven't done much end-game pve) looking to learn fractals etc. I main (well, learning to main) power reaper and cfb. Would love to join if you are still recruiting.