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Marauder's Armor through Personal Story

I feel kind of dumb asking this but I've looked over the wiki and discussions and reddit and can't figure it out. I'm trying to get armor with Marauder stats, which as I understand has stats: Power, Precision, Vitality and Ferocity. I was hoping to run my new toon through the personal story and get marauder's armor according to this: . However, looking into it, I see the armor rewards you get from personal story missions is commando's which has stats: healing, power, toughness? What am I missing here?


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    The issue here is that there's the Marauder stat line for armour and there's a set of armour skins which is called Marauder.

    As such, that wiki link is referring to the Marauder armour skin rather than gear with the Marauder stat line.

    As far as acquiring gear with Marauder stats, the Personal Story will provide a couple of low level boots with selectable stats and that's it. The rest of the gear will not use any of the HoT stat lines (I.e. The 4 stat ones)

    For obtaining Marauder statted armour, at level 80, the easiest way is to participate in Verdant Brink metas to get Crowbars to open up the Airship Supplies found throughout the zone to get Airship Parts. You can then trade these Airship Parts for boxes of armour at the Itzel Vendor, these armour pieces have selectable stats so you can choose Marauder's.

    The only caveat is that the chest piece only comes from random drops from the bosses in the Night meta event in the zone, or you can get a box from participating in a meta that reaches Tier 4 which allows you to pick any armour piece, including chest pieces.

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  • Thanks! Very helpful!