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  1. What? Axe is still better than Dagger at close range. Being in melee range doesn't make Axe 2 any weaker... Again, Dagger's only advantage over Axe is the auto's, but again, you want to be using GS's auto's over any other weapon. The single target nature is also meaningless, since the only time that swapping away from GS really matters is against bosses/champs. Against multiple targets, it's simply better to stick to GS and auto attack/Gravedigger spam as it will provide more damage and more LF than other weapons.
  2. The thing is, if you're trying to leverage burst LF generation alongside Locust Swarm... You're infinitely better off with Axe. Since Axe 2 + Locust Swarm = a huge burst of LF. Literally the only thing that Dagger has over Axe (Besides some sustain which is useless in most situations (I.e. Instanced content, OW PvE that isn't soloing Champs...)) is the auto attacks being better, with more DPS and also the LF generation. But when it comes down to it, either weapon you choose you'll be minimizing the time actually using the weapon because GS has superior auto attacks and otherwise you are in Shr
  3. The issue of Dagger in PvE isn't "Running 2 melee weapons" since this is typically nullified by the nature of everyone stacking in melee anyway for AoE boons + heals. The issue is Dagger simply has poor DPS. Even against a single target only, GS outperforms Dagger. Axe also outperforms Dagger (Axe only being used because skill 2 is strong and is typically rotated in a way where you only cast skill 2 and don't even auto attack with it) The only thing Dagger is useful for in PvE, is its auto attack generating Life Force which can have some fringe benefits for DPS but doesn't ultimately outweigh
  4. Most Runes and Sigils could do with updates to make them feel relevant and interesting parts of a build. Right now, there's so many bad ones that are just pointless to exist as there are really cheap and more effective alternatives.
  5. Not really. Every attempt at a "Bruiser" spec from ANet has failed and resulted in a sub-par DPS build or in Scrapper's case, a support build. Further to that, Ranger already has bruiser tools in what is currently available, with Druid providing ridiculous defence and a plethora of CC albeit with a supportive role and Soulbeast has the capacity to be really defensive or do a lot of damage while being bruiser-y. Ranger in of itself, is already quite loaded with CC too, with many weapons having CC effects and then having pets for an additonal source of CC (With the epitome being Soulbeast that c
  6. When the 1 skill is literally the primary damage dealing skill, then yeah, it disqualifies the weapon as a ranged option. Warrior can get additional damage from Rifle by using Rifle Butt to regain ammunition, but the primary damage dealing skill is Volley which is ranged. Warrior also has an issue where they lack a second ranged option to swap to outside of Rifle too (Which is a reason why many Warriors are hoping for Pistol/Pistol) It's a problem, because while there are traits that benefit a single weapon type on most classes. Playing around Lead the Wind means playing at 1200+ range. If yo
  7. Except, when you want to be up close to maximize their skill 2 damage. Yes, Lead the Wind is a trait for Longbow specifically. But like most builds in the game, you often use a second weapon alongside a primary weapon. When sitting at 1200 range to use Lead the Wind, there is no other weapon to use as Ranger. Also, Traps are placed at your feet so that doesn't help at all with Lead the Wind... Uhh... Druid? Lots of healing, perma-immobilize? How is that not survivability and CC? They have option. Singular. They have Longbow and that is it. They have Warhorn, which is actually superior to S
  8. Rifle? Sure. Though, I'd prefer dual Pistols to be honest. Since they could fill in the niche of long range (1200) single handed weapons, using the same logic that allows Rangers Longbow to have extra range compared to other classes (Ranger LB is 1500 range) to have the Pistols also have higher range (1200 vs 900 of other classes). So that a build could for example, run Longbow + Pistol/Pistol for fighting at range (With other off-hands being usable for utility, such as Warhorn, Axe or even Dagger). Ranger has enough melee weapons as it is already between Greatsword, Sword and Dagger with Axe
  9. Farm Bjora meta for Eternal Ice Shards and then exchange them for LWS4 currencies. Do the LWS4 map Hearts and buy the currencies for Karma (5 per Heart, per character) Do Dragonfall meta and open Chests (For Dragonfall currency as there are no hearts here)
  10. Toughness is hard to give a definitive number for because it has diminishing returns. Every point gives a lower % damage reduction than the previous one. As far as its use goes... For instanced PvE it is useless, because nothing hits hard enough to make a "Tank" character need to stack Toughness to survive (Thanks to Protection, Aegis, Block and Evade) and for anyone else, its actively detrimental because of aggro being influenced by Toughness rating. Outside of this, it's useful for staying alive longer. OW PvE is predominantly power damage and so Toughness reduces this (Which makes healing s
  11. Persistence of Memory specifically states "When a Phantasm becomes a Clone, it transfers its boons to you" With Chronophantasma, the Phantasm only becomes a Clone after its second attack. This hasn't changed since a year prior to that video being made. Though, the wiki still states that this particular interaction of Chronophantasma and "When a Phantasm becomes a Clone" effects work. So maybe it was stealth patched at some point? (Possibly alongside the June 28th patch that fixed a bug with Phantasms being dazed multiple times)
  12. Yes, it is taken just for the 80 power. As that is worth more than either of the other traits on the tier for the build.
  13. The primary thing to address when looking at Core Engie, would be F5 skills. As they currently stand, they're mostly weaker than Scrapper/Holo F5's, but also have crazy long CD's. Some thoughts on them: Orbital Strike: Cooldown reduced from 40s > 20s in PvE. Activation delay reduced from 4 eternities > 0.5s. (Optional: Also applies 0.5s Daze)Med Pack Drop: Cooldown reduced from 50s > 25s. Med Packs now also grant Boons (Swiftness, Regen, Vigor, Protection)Toss Elixir X: Cooldown reduced from 90s > 30s.Also, some buffs to the actual Elites wouldn't go amiss (Though, wouldn't buff Co
  14. WoW hasn't done "Alliance vs Horde" in literal years. Even it's lore has gotten kind of wishy-washy in regards to the actual war between the 2 factions. With Taurens, Trolls and Blood Elves being "Horde" mostly for convenience, while the Forsaken are off doing their own thing and are barely even part of the Horde (With actions that make the Warchief(s) question them) Meanwhile, there's been a lot of introduced neutral groups that feature races from both factions and are dealt with by both factions. Even Thrall, the ex-Warchief became like BFF's with Varian Wrynn (The King of Stormwind, whom is
  15. With those stipulations, there's a Core Rev build on MetaBattle. You could probably increase the damage by using Renegade instead of Retribution (Though, if you're not going to be using the Renegade Legend or Shortbow then pretty much the only trait that is worth picking is Vindication)
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