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Proper food for Condi ?


I have one question. For a very long time, I used the Rare Veggie Pizza as a best food for condi chars in raids etc. Stats of this food are +100 Expertise, +70 Condition damage, +10% Exp. from kills, 30 minutes which costs between 50 - 24 silvers per piece.

Now, when we have PoF, there is a new food called "Red-Lentil Saobosa". Stats of this food are +100 Expertise, +70 Condition damage, +1 All Experience gained, 30 minutes which costs approx. 7.5 silvers per piece.

Is there any reason not to use the "Red-Lentil Saobosa" intstead of "Rare Veggie Pizza" in raids etc. ?


  • Hohou.1508Hohou.1508 Member
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    While Red-Lentil Saobosa gives only +1 exp, Rare Veggie Pizza gives you +10%!!!

  • Yes, I know. But who in the raids is really interestested about XP gain ?

    This is the reason why I am asking, because for me personally, this new food is absolutely OK.

  • And the price difference is quite significant. Now, the pizza is relatively cheap, but there was times during the summer, when one piece of pizza was priced around half gold or more...

  • If you don't care about the XP, then no, there's no reason to stick with the pizza over the lentils.

  • OK, thx for the confirmation of my opinion. I was affraid if I did not overlooked something.

  • Yeah, go with the lentil food, it's cheaper and the 1% xp is global (not just kills) so you'll probably get more xp anyway if you care about that.

  • Koi Cake is even cheaper.

  • @logan.5846 said:
    Koi Cake is even cheaper.

    Oh yeah, it must have dropped a fair amount. It only lasts 20m though so use with caution :P

  • I tested the Red-Lentil Saobosa and I am quite happy with this food. It is really the same as Rare Veggie Pizza, but much cheaper :)
    Thank you for your help.

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